Help Wanted!

Want to volunteer to help create Hero6?  In this section, you can learn about volunteering, what we’re looking for, and apply to volunteer.

About Volunteering: what to expect

What we expect from you

Ideally, you’d check in on Slack once a week, letting us know what your status is and what your progress is.  (Though that depends a little on what section you’re volunteering for.)  We expect quality work, an ability to take critical feedback, and a positive attitude.

What you can expect from the team

Real life always comes first, and so we understand if you’re unavailable for a period, or if things come along slowly.  Just let us know where you’re at.  We support each other, and maintain a friendly environment.

Roles: What we’re looking for


Writing: At the moment we need people writing side quests, and fleshing out NPC characters.  Later down the track, we’ll be looking for dialogue writers.



Other: Have some other kind of skill you can bring to the table?  Why not apply, and tell us about it.

Apply to Volunteer

To apply to volunteer, fill in the below form and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.  Make sure you include details of your portfolio or experience, or what you feel you can bring to the team.