So, you want to be a [Development] Hero…

For those of you waiting in the wings, wait no longer. Hero6 is back! Although I’ve listed the project as Planning, we are accepting independent contributions of code, art, etc. until we establish a formal development schedule.

We are developing under a centralized crowdsource model. Anyone who wishes to contribute may do so by submitting code, art, or recommendations on our Sourceforge page, the forum, or via Git fork. The centralized part of our model is to limit control of final implementation to lead developers and the project manager.

If you are more interested in testing, you can test the current compiled version of the game. We will periodically upload new versions of the game as progress continues. Expect an updated prototype at least once a month.  With so much development already completed, we will be testing during development. Your feedback will help us make the game you want. If you do test the game, please report any issues as tickets on the Sourceforge site.

Any input on the story line or quest development should be directed to the forum. Your input is welcome – please keep in mind that your idea may not be implemented, but it may resurface in a sequel. There are no plans for a sequel at this time, but we still want to hear from you!

As with most projects today, there is usually a large push for sharing via social media. I suppose we are no different :^D
Feel free to share links, tweets, etc. We have the main website, a Facebook page, and you can reach me directly via email or Twitter.

If nothing else, let me thank you for checking up on the project. Hero6 holds a special place in our hearts and it’s high-time we take it to final release!