Current Team

Programmer, expert, general overlord

Robert Kety is a long-time member of the Hero6 project, and key to its revival!  He is currently working on a range of projects (in between his ‘real life’), while also steering the Hero6 team through procrastination and timezones alike.

Lead Programmer

Per Olav is lead programmer on the project, and is currently working on all kinds of magic in relation to the game (which the lowly writing staff filling in this page may or may not understand).


Laura May is the author of grown-up fairytale ‘Pickles and Ponies’, as well as co-editor and project manager for the fundraising anthology ‘In Memory: A Tribute to Sir Terry Pratchett‘.  She is working on the main plot, with the input and support of the rest of the team.

Dain Colletti and Michael K. Schaefer are currently working on side-quests, and are proving not just talented, but prolific!  Dain is a long-time Quest for Glory fan, while Michael is prone to quoting Day of the Tentacle and Monkey Island.

There are also a couple of other writers floating about, including Ethan Holloway, who did a lot of work on the first draft of the main plot, and Sorin Suciu, the other editor for ‘In Memory’.


Of course, none of the work currently underway would be possible without the immense amounts of hard work done by previous Hero6 teams.

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