History of Hero6

Times may have changed, but the adventure continues!!  Here’s a description of Hero6 from the original website, back in 1999:

Welcome to Hero6! An original and exciting game set in the myth-shrouded town of Albion. Explore the mysteries enveloping this town and stride forth on your very first adventure. Become a hero like none other in the past or the future!

The team of Hero6 was formed in 1999. In the beginning, the game was nothing more than a spinoff of another universe. However through time and labor, the entire game evolved into a standalone world.

With members from countries all across the world, representing a wide variety of ages and professions, the Hero6 team are working hard to craft a game that will embody the best features of the adventure/RPG genre. The wait may be long, but, in the end, it will be well worth it! For in the town of Albion, mystery and adventure awaits…

Since then, the project has passed through several hands and teams, until finally it was released as open source.  The current team is using this legacy, of images, programming, and music, to at last bring the game together.  You can learn more about the current team here, or you can even volunteer to help out!