Checking In

It’s been a while since we’ve posted publicly, but we continue to make progress! As usual, almost all of our communication occurs through Slack, though we are still an open source project. We make available, and actively monitor, our IRC channel (yes, we still have one!), our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus), our forum, and direct e-mail accounts available through the website.

Our writing team has been hard at work refining the main story line of the game, compiling a list of side quests, and developing one of our feature plot lines—the Rival. We don’t want to give out any spoilers, but the Rival is one of the non-player characters that the Hero may interact with in the valley. The objective is to give players an opportunity for decision-based relationship development. Friends? Enemies? Something else? Our team is working hard to give you a range of options to play.

We spent quite a lot of time working with Adventure Game Studio over the years, but have decided that working with newer versions of the .Net framework makes us more versatile. As such, we’ve begun developing a custom engine for Hero6 using the Monogame pipeline and other, more modern, libraries. We launched a build server on the 27th, which promises to validate all new code we add to the project. The code is available at

Congratulations to Corey Cole on another anniversary of your 29th birthday!
Congratulations to Daniel Blake on the release of his old-school 3D action adventure, Quest for Glory IV 3D!

And finally…
Thanks as always for following the project, and we look forward to keeping you in the loop. If you want to help out with the game, check out the ‘Help Wanted!’ page—and of course, feel free to get in contact with us at any time.

—Your Hero6 team