Who are you? Who-who, who-who?

The infamous Hero6 project earned a reputation for producing more fizzle than a razzle dazzle root beer. After nearly a decade of development, the project managers abandoned the project and published the current state of the project for anyone to use.

When I discovered the Hero6 project, the Hero6.com website was completely overrun by spam-bots and had been largely shutdown, with the exception of the Hero6 code download link. I saved a copy of the current progress before it was swallowed by the Internet and sat on it for a year-and-a-half.

In December 2013, I began to sincerely review the state of the project. The majority of artwork, soundtrack, and framework had been developed. Despite some GUI functionality issues (mostly corrected at this point), the major development requirement was the code implementation and story line (again, this is a major component).  Fortunately, several members of the original development team were able to provide me with the majority of their resources, including the story line.

I decided to create an independent website for new production work on Hero6. I did this for two reasons, 1) the Hero6.com forums were down and 2) I’d like this new initiative to distant itself from the stigma of previous development efforts. Hero6.org currently host the recent build and recent code for Hero6, while also providing a new forum to host developmental discussions.

Development on Hero6.org is intended to operate as an open source community; however, we are restricting access to the final implementation of code available for download. This is to limit bugs, the loss of code, and maintain progress of developmental efforts – according to some forum posts, these were short-comings of the last developmental incarnation of Hero6.

After some ISP connectivity issues in late February 2014, a backup of the project was moved to the Hero6 SourceForge page. This will provide secondary access to the current version of the code should the primary site should experience down-time again (unlikely, but I like to be prepared).

Currently, the QFG and Hero6 superfans who have participated in our community are eagerly awaiting opportunities to contribute to the project. However, there will not be a developmental schedule in place until early 2015. Until then, anyone is welcome to develop any part of the project.

My name is Robert Kety.  I maintain Hero6.org and visit it regularly so I can promptly respond to any inquiries.  I promise to see this project through to completion, even if I have to develop it alone (not the best scenario, but I’m committed).

Feel free to participate in our community, even if it’s just to say hello, and be wary of the Sidhe!