Spring Break!!
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Author:  robertkety [ Fri, 20 Mar 2015 08:35 ]
Post subject:  Spring Break!!

It's finally that one week gap between terms and I've got a full agenda planned. Sell house, buy house, move contents, go to work, go to work (second job), and work on Hero6 (not in that order, of course!).
Over the last break, we crystallized the storyline and plot of the game. In the next week, I'll move forward with quest design. ChamberOfFear had a great brainstorming idea. I'll take the existing quests, add some additional plot-based quests, and settle on the best quests after a few rounds of examination.
After the quests are nailed down, I'll move into scripting dialogue related to those quests, along with dialogue related to the plot (the main quest).
Once we complete quests and dialogue, we'll have a formal list of art requirements that need to be filled. At the same time as the art requirement list is published, the programming team will be free to move forward with scripting implementation of the dialogue and plot, and the redesign of a few of our modules (combat, spell effects, and weather).
That's about as far into augury as I feel comfortable promising. Barring any unforeseen delays or disasters in completing the above, we should be in a good place to release a demo and start play testing the alpha version. During that time, we'll discuss any fluff we may want to add (e.g., bonus features, voice acting, credits, intro video, etc.)

Exciting stuff to be sure!

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