Class selection and ChooseYourNameDialog{Design flaw}
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Author:  ChamberOfFear [ Mon, 17 Feb 2014 17:13 ]
Post subject:  Class selection and ChooseYourNameDialog{Design flaw}

I hit cancel on the "Choose Your Name" dialog, and suddenly I was unable to press anything. Turn out the mouse cursor changes when the dialog opens, but doesn't change back when you press cancel. Quickfix is to right click to alternate mouse cursors when it happens, but that's not very intuitive. Same goes for when you press back on the character sheet.

Author:  robertkety [ Mon, 17 Feb 2014 18:27 ]
Post subject:  Re: Class selection and ChooseYourNameDialog{Design flaw}

I've been dealing with these pointer issues. Each GUI modifies the mouse.mode they are using (based off an enum of cursors available from the Mouse Cursors available in the AGS editor (e.g., 0 == eModeWalkto)). What I've been doing is setting them manually, but I'd like to capture the current pointer value so I can return the pointer to that value for cases like the Name Cancel.
I'd also like to disable the right-click feature under certain conditions. Obviously, the user should not have access to the walk icon when creating a character. Likewise, right-clicking when you've selected a spell causes an issue as well where the topbar GUI is no longer accessible (Ctrl-Q FTW!).

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